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The Law Offices of CURTIS ​E. PAYNE



Tried, True, Trusted

F ounding attorney Curtis E. Payne is based in New Hampshire and  has been in practice for over 27 years.  He is licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and will be appying for his license in Vermont this year.


Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Attorney Payne received his Juris Doctorate from Harvard University School of Law ('95), and attended the  University of California at Los Angeles ('89), where he received his B.A. in Political Science.  He co-founded a Sports and Entertainment Law Firm in Boston, Massachusetts, where he ultimately found his true calling in the criminal courtroom protecting the rights of people who had no where else to turn. 

 Attorney Payne is a zealous advocate for the underdog, always striving to communicate with all parties involved in a case, making sure that his client's side of the story is well articulated and clearly understood every step of the way.  He has tried and won many, many cases, however, what separates him from the average lawyer is his approach to a case.  The majority of Attorney Payne's cases do not go to trial because he is an extremely strong negotiator and communicator, and he is able to effectively reason with the parties and reach a resolution that is agreeable to all sides.  He has a reputation for being fair, ethical, knowledgeable, and relentless.  He is well known throughout the court systems where he practices and everyone feels better knowing he is participating in a case.  Judges know he is competent, conscientious and professional; opposing counsels know he is fair-minded,  even-tempered and civil; and his clients know they have a lawyer they can trust and depend on.  More importantly, they walk into the courtroom with the indefatigable belief they are going to win, and time after time, they are right!

Attorney Payne goes the extra mile for his clients, they are more than just a case to him.  Many of his clients consider him a friend, and to a lot of his clients he is their "lawyer for life."  He is easily reachable by phone, email,  or appointment.  He will make arrangements for clients who have transportation issues, and he understands that not everyone has an extra thousand dollars or two lying around for a rainy day.  He deals in the real world and takes people as he finds them; not always pretty or convenient.  Whatever needs to be done, within reason, and ethics, he is there for his clients.  To find out more about Curtis E. Payne, Esq. you can look him up on or or just Google Curtis E. Payne, Attorney at Law.

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