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White Pillars


P.O. Box 52

Enfield, NH 03748

The Law Offices of CURTIS ​E. PAYNE



Criminal Law, ​Estate ​Planning, Trademark/Copyright, Family Law​

Who We Are

We are the law firm people often hear about after they've had a less than optimal  outcome with the legal system.  Knowledgeable, experienced, and successful, our reputation for winning is second-to-none,  and is only matched by our ability to handle your affairs discreetly and expediently.

We are not a big firm, but our lawyers have the same training, experience, and talent as the best attorneys in the land.  Let us show you that you do not have to spend a fortune to get great legal representation.  We stake our reputation on it.


Ivy League Training-Friendly Atmosphere

Criminal Defense

Wills and Trusts

Child Custody

Child Support

501 (c) 3 applications

Trademark applications

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